Performance Audit

Performance Audit

Performance Audit

Deeper measurement and analysis.

Owing to performance audit, we complete website marketing optimization by measuring data to ensure understanding of user behavior on web pages. With advanced analysis tools that reveal website visitors’ actions, we understand better the browsing behavior of website visitors. Tools, like heat maps, show us where your visitors click on the content and how much time is spent on each page.

We collect actionable data that provides the tips that we need to make content or design changes while tracking how your visitors interact with your site. We can make a title clearer or turn your site into an active marketing tool with touches such as changing the color of your call to action (CTA) buttons.

We typically present web analytics data in dashboards that can be customized based on user behavior, date range, and other attributes.

Multiple performance control.

Visitor Performance Indicator

  • Number of visitors
  • Unique number of visitors
  • Rate of new and returning visitors
  • Location insight
  • Browser and device (desktop or mobile)
  • Visitor behavior
Website Performance Indicator

  • Landing pages
  • Exit page
  • Frequently visited pages
  • Length of time spent per user
  • Pages per user
  • Bounce rate
  • Campaign data
Ad Performance Indicator

  • Which campaigns provided the most traffic
  • Websites that drive the most traffic
  • Which keyword searches resulted in a visit


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