Google Ads

Google Ads

Google Ads

Get ahead of the competition.

Google now provides top-notch use in search engine services, which means your traffic will drop if your brand is not at the top of Google. You will need Google Ads to appear on the top in searches. However, creating Google Ads campaigns is not as simple as it seems. Cresa Digital committed to configure and manage the most efficient Google Ads campaigns for your business.

When it comes to Google Ads campaign management, our first step is to understand and outline the results you want and need from your advertising campaign. The next step will be to determine which pages new users will be redirected to (landing pages), what actions we want to encourage them to take, including interaction buttons (cta – call to action) and more. In this way, we can extract the estimated return on investment (ROI) and cost by revealing the framework of your campaign goals.

Conversion-oriented campaigns.

Then we compile keywords and traffic potential to develop campaigns that are linked to how the users should be directed to your products or services’ actual search.

Our team will leverage existing best practices by creating unique campaigns for each product or service. When we launch your ad campaign, we focus on performance monitoring by tracking components such as keywords, ad groups, negative keywords, impressions and more, so we can expertly manage ad spend and adapt to new insights.

At the end of your campaign, you’ll have more traffic, a high ranking on Google and ads that are really converted.

All of our ad management services for Google Ads include:

  • Specific ad strategy
  • Custom account management
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Strategic bid management
  • Call/phone tracking
  • Potential customer tracking
  • Conversion configuration
  • Return on investment (ROI) tracking
  • Performance and analysis

Additional features include:

  • Rule-based bidding setup and management
  • Conversion analysis reporting
  • Professional banner advertising design
  • Landing page design
  • Landing page performance test

And more…

Types of Google Ads campaigns.

Search network

Display network

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