SEO Audit

SEO Audit

SEO Audit

It is all about how easily your target audience can find you.

SEO audit takes an in-depth look at how search engines and site visitors interact with your website. After reviewing components such as organic search audit, keywords, mobile load speeds, sitemaps, html code, redirects, and more, we present you with an actionable audit report that we will use to improve your website’s SEO by creating your SEO strategy.

We know your brand has unique needs. For this reason, we tailor your SEO audit to your website. Our customized SEO audit service covers technical issues and performance aspects of your site to ensure that your audience can find your brand in organic search results. We apply the latest tools and strategies to help you rise in search engine results for the right keywords to be noticed by the right target audience.

SEO audit process.


The first step in our process is to define your business, target audience and goals. Then we analyze the content, code, keyword mapping, and density of the existing website to discover weaknesses and strengths.

Strategy and goal development

After analyzing the information on your website, we start developing a customized plan to convert your existing site for SEO. We restore your website pages with the best SEO techniques that will turn your competitors into a site that ranks higher in the SERPs (search engine results page) for the keywords your audience uses most.

Keyword research

Keyword research gives us important data about the specific terms users use to search and the volume of searches for those terms. We apply technical research to determine what keywords your audience uses and which keywords can be useful for content creation. This research helps us shape content for maximum impact.


We carry out on-page and off-page SEO strategies. On-page SEO is a factor that we can control, such as content. Off-page SEO refers to other external factors such as backlinks. This step of the process consists of editing your website’s code, content, architecture, site-mapping, keyword usage and much more. Content optimization based on extensive SEO knowledge is one of the best ways to target content for your audience, so you can rank higher and convert more.

Measurement + reporting

We report to you regularly (monthly) what we achieve with the SEO audit. While SEO is a technical process, it is not an exact science and it takes time to see results (it is not true to claim otherwise). However, we stick to metrics that strengthen brand perception or create a measurable impact on business results.

Ongoing Optimization

Keeping track of metrics comes with the task of optimizing your content. Our team is programmatically providing on-page optimization, blogging, link building, consulting and strategy to ensure your website performs at its best.


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