Social Media Management

We create a unique social media experience for your branding and goals.

Our social media management service starts with an in-depth review of your current strategy, platform and relevant competitor analysis in industry trends. We use this information to optimize your social media profiles and contents by determining your social media goals and KPIs.

We have a comprehensive understanding of brand voice, messaging, visual identity and ground rules. Our strategy for social media is “what kind of content should we create?”, “what are our ultimate goals?”, “what is the interaction rate distribution?” It helps us identify what the most important metrics are.

By applying social media strategy in multi-channels, we work for your brand visibility and growth. Our well experienced team fulfill the instructions such as preparing, publishing and analysing contents for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn and more; managing your social media to contact with your audience and how you respond them; which publications help develop the transformations and; connecting with a pool formed by your ideal audience.

Interactive social media management.

Cresa Digital focuses on creating, publishing and strengthening your content to increase reach and conversions for your brand. For this reason, our social media management approach goes beyond publishing according to a regular schedule.

With our social media management, you will receive a schedule that consists of the publications, focused on strategies for the most relevant and effective social media platforms monthly. You will receive a monthly report that shows the results of your strategy, analysis and monthly comparisons and you will check how your strategy works for you.

By watching your strategy and content, our social media managers follow your social media accounts and tell you what is useful for you, what works better and what really puts forward your brand in social media.


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Our collaborative project experience is an enjoyable journey from design and digital marketing to your brand’s strategy and development.